July 19, 2020


Practical Education Program

We Provides Practical Education Like Science Practical Math Practical Program and other practical program and activities.

Lab and Workplace Setup

We are planning and developing role model innovative science math Laboratory setup to maker space for stem projects.

Subjective Orientation Program

We are providing subjective based special training & classes for students & teachers like Science Capsule, Magical Math etc.

Event and Online Education

We are conducting various online based practical and exam  based program and activities for both of student and teachers.

Progress on Programs

Practical Education
Science math practical program and activities 90%
Laboratory Setup
Innovative Science, Math and Maker space setup 70%
Exam Orientation
Exam based English, Math and Science (EMS) Training for Students and Teachers 50%
Online Education
Online Based Education for Student and Teachers 30%


School and College Project

Some projects like Balbalika Project are running under This Category.

Government and Non Government Project

Some Projects like Sindhuli Project are running under this category.

Special Projects

Some Projects Like Covid 19 Project are running under this this category.