Bosc Education Pvt. Ltd.

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we are providing typical educational services
Go to Practical Education Program

Practical Education Program

We Provides Practical Education Like Science Practical Program, Mathematical Practical Program and other practical program and activities.

Go to Lab and Workplace Setup

Lab and Workplace Setup

We are planning and developing role model innovative science math Laboratory setup to maker space for stem projects.

Go to Subjective Orientation Program

Subjective Orientation Program

We are providing subjective based special training and classes for students and teachers like Science Capsule, Magical Math etc.

Go to Event and Online Education

Event and Online Education

We are conducting various online based practical and exam based program and activities for both of student and teachers.


Be Practical, व्यवहारिक बनौ
To become pioneer in educational innovation & empowerment

Bosc Education Private Limited is a pioneer company established to fulfill the aim of veteran company Bosc Foundation Pvt. Ltd. solely in the field of education. It aims to research continuously in the items & services necessary at national & international level to conduct extraordinary theoretical & practical classes, trainings & educational exhibition related activities. The company also involves in developing the modern laboratories, maker’s space, library , museum & play ground in schools & colleges & conduct activities related to educational online course, website, news, and E-class & apps development. Thus, this is a premier company in promoting individual based carrer growth through practical education.

  • Learning by doing

  • Innovative Science, Math & Makerspace Setup

  • Subjective based Special Classes

  • Theory and Practical Education

Energetic Team for Educational Empowerment of Nepal

Man Bahadur Sunuwar

Executive Chairman

Subash Gautam


Ujwal Dahal


Prakash Shrestha


Bimal Bamanu


Manoj Thapa Magar

Engineer & Trainer

Subhas Ghising



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